Walking for Health: How Does Walking Help Your Body
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Walking for Health: How Does Walking Help Your Body

Walking for Health: How Does Walking Help Your Body. Health Benefits of Walking. Walking Exercise Program. Walking for Weight loss.

All of us know walking is good for health. People have heard about it many times. Mostly it is associated with weight loss. But as we know walking is not only good for losing weight but also for our overall health. But how does walking help your body? Or why should you walk?

You can start walking at anytime and regular walk of 30 minutes or more can make your body much healthier and disease free. This is a physical activity that your body needs to stay fit. Walk can always make you feel good as it promotes the brains production of endorphins. A good walk also boosts the energy levels and reduces stress levels. In addition, it is good for weight loss as well.

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Walking only needs average of 30 minutes of your time everyday and right pair of walking shoes. To make walking more easy and comfortable you need to wear loose fitting clothes or any clothes that you are comfortable with. You can start to walk for 15 minutes a day in the beginning and then gradually increase the time to 30 minutes or more. It is important that you should walk at least thrice a week. If want to count the steps then you can use pedometer.

Make walking a part of your daily life and take it seriously. Remember, it can do immense benefits to your health. Given below are the details of health benefits that you can have by walking.

Walking for Health: Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is good for the heart health. At least 30 minuets of walking every day can lower the blood pressure levels and also it can reduce the chances of heart attack and stroke. Walking makes the heart strong and lowers the cholesterol levels. It increases the heart rate and improves the blood circulation.

Walking reduces the risk of cancer. In particular is the effect on colon cancer. Walking can reduce the chances of colon cancer by 40-50 percent. Walking is also good for reducing the chance of breast cancer and lung cancer.

With regular walking the BMI levels improves along with the blood pressure levels in diabetic patients. Walking improves the muscle movements and use of glucose by the muscle cells. This is good to control blood sugar levels.

Brain functions improve by walking and it helps to prevent dementia. It increases the brain’s production of endorphins and reduces depression and stress. Regular walking can reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s Disease by up to 40%. Walking improves the brain functions and enhances the power of memory.

A good and brisk walk regularly can increase the power of sex and reduces the risk of impotency. Good blood circulation is vital for good sex life and walking improves the blood circulation.

Walking is a good way to lose weight. It helps to burn extra calories and regular brisk walk 30 to 45 minutes a day will help you to have a much better waistline. If you walk with this regime you should lose at least 0.5 kg every month.

In addition, walking is also good for the skin. Good blood circulation means better blood flow, which is extremely important for healthy skin. Walking or any kind of physical activity is good for the immune system as well. Walking keeps you fit and prevents many diseases including chronic diseases. Brisk walking is good for the bones and prevents chances of osteoarthritis. It is a good idea to do some stretch exercises along with walking to keep the body completely fit and healthy. It must be remembered that regular walking increases the longevity and protects you from many age related conditions & diseases.




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Great article on the issue of walking, my best easy available exercise, thanks Sourav.

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